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'Worlds most expensive toys'

Last year I painted a puppet theatre, inside and out plus scenery, for a private client via  Ian Stevens of Bespoke It is featured on a TV documentary.

Channel Four

22nd December 9pm.

Scenery for puppet theatre. view inside the witches cottage in 'Hansel and Gretel. Cauldron, pots and  -kbmorganans, dark greys and blues. Piles of old books with a wooden bucket that toppled over on floor with green gue.
Grisaille columns with gold carved balcony
Grisaille columns and stone blocking

What's new - A Puppet Theatre that I decorated is going to be on TV this Thursday -Chanel 4 at 9pm.


Puppet theatre, Large with faux panels, red curtains and gilded carved balconies. Also a wooded automata orchestra.





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