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Top of a painted enamel clock dial.  Picture of old flagship on a stormy sea inside a black and gold oval frame.

Clock Dial restoration.

Keeping as much of the original as possible and making them look as though they are old but have been well cared for.

Painted french grey kitchen cupboard. Trompe l'oeil raised panels.

Painted Furniture.

The basic finishes such as dragging and stippling through to trompe l'oeil effects. Painted marbles and aged finishes.

Old ceiling beams painted to look like oak.

Wood Graining.

Painting beams to look like oak, a much cleaner job than stripping off old black paint. I have also painted faux mahogany tables and faux marquetry.

Close up of painted mural at Sudeley Castle. A tabby cat on a patterned carpet.


Above is a small section of a mural I painted in Sudeley Castle. 

Interior decoration.

Murals, Trompe l'oeil, gilding, wood graining, marbling, laquerwork, chinoiserie, stencilling, restoration and pottery.

Gold rectangular frame with painted grey scrolls.


Oil and water gilding. I prefer to gild leaving a slightly worn finish, giving the pieces a bit of age.

Panel painted to look like a vase of fruit and flowers made of shapes ofifferent marbles.


Various types of faux marble.

Black laquer with gold chinese decoration on the base of a long case clock.

Restoration of Laquerwork.

gold stencilled red walls in Sudeley Castle. Pattern made up of Portcullis and tudor rose


This is a stencilled wall, giving the effect of wallpaper. I made seven different stencils.






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